Circa Blue” is the perfect description of  this band's sound. They are “about” bluegrass ... not completely traditional, not completely contemporary. Their show has a great variety songs including many of their own originals tunes and with any song they perform they strive to be unique and entertaining to all audiences. Tight vocal harmonies, clean instrumentation, and creative arrangements keep audiences engaged throughout the entire show. With good instrumentalists and great harmony singing, as well as a variety of song styles, Circa Blue is well worth a listen.

Michelle Rivers is a singer-songwriter living in Northwest Montana. While she has a variety of influences, she most closely leans toward the Americana sound, featuring traditional bluegrass instruments like the banjo, mandolin, fiddle, upright bass, and dobro. Her first album, “Breathing on Embers,” released June 22, 2016.

Michelle had a coveted spot playing at Montana’s Red Ants Pants Music Festival in July 2016, as well as many other gigs in the Northwest.. She currently plays with Fiddle Champion, Jesse Maw, her husband Sean, and her father, David Piland, in addition to performing solo. Michelle will promote this album as she tours the region.

Based out of Seattle, Washington, the North Country Bluegrass Band is one of the premier traditional bluegrass bands from the Northwest. North Country was founded in 2012 when the guys were jamming together at a local bluegrass event in Seattle. They quickly found a unique chemistry and demonstrated the same love for music, songwriting, and instrumental dynamics. Within the first year of formation, the band played at prominent music venues, including Wintergrass and the historical Paramount Theater. Since then, they have continued to build their repertoire and toured throughout the United States and Canada.

Big Red Barn has been forging it's unique and infectious blend of rhythm & bluegrass at events throughout the Inland Northwest. The band's repertoire includes gems from the 30's, 40's and 50's,  folk songs, bluegrass and country standards along with a number of solid originals that have become audience favorites.


Unckle Richard & the Knot Bumpers (Knot Bumpers removed stray/hanging limbs and knots from logs). About the band: Unckle Richard is a logger and musician, and the Knot Bumpers are his Northport music students. They are primarily a bluegrass and Gospel music band but sometimes stray into other styles.  What inspires them? Performing original songs and select covers that are entertaining and with words to think about. The band members are Richard Eich; Abigail Wolfe;  Janissa, Jeneva and Garrett Black and also Natalie & Tammy Bonners.

Primitive Pines is a bluegrass duo with Josh Reimen and Connie Fletcher based out of rural northeastern Washington. They specialize in classic bluegrass hits with haunting harmonies and some mighty dandy picking by Josh

Kettle Creek reformed after last years reunion of the band in an impromptu jam on Sunday of last years Camp & Jam. They have joined forces with the amazing Abigail Wolfe who had taken a hiatus from music to raise a family.  They bring the "Kettle Creek Sound" to the unique and diverse selection of songs they perform.

The Camp & Jam philosophy is one of bringing people together.  We are so grateful how the Town of Kettle Falls has opened their gates and welcomed us in, and the area has so much to offer including in the way of talent!  In an effort to invite the community in to see what the Camp & Jam is about and for the campers to meet locals, we will invite some their favorite entertainers perform in an all acoustic sets on Friday! To close the show we're gonna let the locals see what bluegrass is all about with North Country and Michelle Rivers

Chipped & Broken are a very popular local group from Kettle Falls. Chip Johnson does an amazing job singing hit after hit and joining him are Brian Tost, Robbie Edwards and Brian Davis. They play a mix of '90's tunes and will be playing in the style of the MTV "Unplugged"  series!

I was talking with my singer songwriter friendand he explained to me about a "song swap" concert. A bell rang in my head and I had just the right local pair in mind, Sara Brown and Finnessa Fann. They are regular performers around the area in the bands they play in but also have quite a few fans that come out to see their solo shows as well. Each has unique musical abilities and songwriting styles and both have fabulous voices and stories to share. Side by side they could be one of the greatest highlights of the festival!