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Aug 31


Sept 3

Northport Washington International Raceway

New Camp and Jam 2018

Music Festival


$20 for 4 days dry camping & $15 Concert pass

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Our Vision

Our Plan.

Our Plan 


Tri-county Music’s mission is to foster traditional forms of music, arts, and dance in Stevens, Ferry, and Pend Oreille county.  Our goal is to sponsor public shows, provide workshops, and instruction on a donation basis.

Host festivals that grow interest and enthusiasm for music. 

Provide workshops to get participants started on the journey of making music. 

Connect local musicians and music teachers with people of all ages who want to learn.

Raise finances to assist with getting music education back into our schools.

Facilitate the creation of local bands and gatherings of musicians to foster continuing growth.

1998 -

Our Mission 

To make music learning and enjoyment accessible to all ages.